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Intro 04/12/2018

Due to enormous demand both from existing client as well as new companies that have requested that we deal with IT vacancies, we have set up an IT Division to work alongside our already existing specialist divisions of Commercial, Engineering and Industrial.

The market especially in the North West is demanding a reliable agency with the ability to assist them with roles such as Developers, System Administrators as well as IT Support type positions.

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From Strength to Strength AUTUMN EDITION

Intro 06/09/2018

It’s been six months since we moved into our plush new offices at 15-21 Library Street in Wigan, so we thought that it would be a good time to give you a little tour of new premises and to discuss the Recruitment market in general.

With space for up to 18 consultants, our fully air-conditioned premises have proved a huge hit with clients, candidates and our Intro team. Based on the main commercial street in Wigan town centre, we have over 25 metres of advertising space in our windows, full canteen facilities for staff as well as a welcoming reception and brand-new board room.

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There's an ! on our Team!

Intro 20/04/2018

The team that you have is the team that you deserve is a well-known penned phrase.

I for one, as a Director of Intro Recruitment, have never been prouder of a team of consultants and would not swap my group for any other team of recruiters in the whole UK.

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Intro 13/12/2017

With the Jolly bloke with his big white beard quickly approaching, we thought it a good time to discuss events over the past 18 months or so and to look ahead to another fantastic year in Recruitment… PS I am not being sarcastic!

 I for one, feared the worst on the 23 June 2016 after I had heard the news that we would be leaving the European Union. My major concern was the economy. After hearing several warnings of the second coming of the Recession ala 2008 and having worked and survived (I bare the baldness to prove it) during this time, I am truly grateful for the events that have proceeded in 2017 only hindered by a slight downturn in business during the general election.

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Manufacturing Magnificence

Intro 16/08/2017

Twenty years ago, Intro Recruitment were approached by this now enormous Manufacturing facility to supply Part Time Reception / Switchboard Operators for holiday cover.

20 years on and Intro Recruitment now provides the organisation with Sales, Manufacturing, Engineering, Shipping and the complete solution to their staffing needs.

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Internal Promotions

Intro 02/08/2017

We would like to congratulate Joanna Spencer who has been promoted to Branch Manager at our Head Office in Wigan along with Jade Waite and Zoe Makinson who have been promoted to Account Managers.

All 3 joined us shortly after the conclusion of the recession and have all been instrumental in the continued success of our Premier Branch supplying both Permanent and Temporary workers to organisations throughout the North West.

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Wigan Post - Intro Recruitment

Intro 19/07/2017

This week we had a feature in the Wigan Post. “I believe in following and maintaining our company ethos of every client, every candidate matters” - Alan Astin, Director.

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The Story of Intro Recruitment

Intro 26/01/2017

Intro Recruitment is an established player in the North West recruitment market - but it wasn’t always that way. Believe it or not, back in 1982, we had humble beginnings as a typing and secretarial bureau, as they were then known.

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Intro 22/12/2016

We would like to wish all our clients and candidates a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year for 2017!

To make sure that there is someone around to answer your calls we are only closed on the bank holidays this year, here are our opening times:

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Tribute to Jean Ashton

Intro 16/11/2016

We were very sorry to hear the sad news that Jean Ashton, a lovely lady, has passed away after a short illness.

Jean registered with Intro for “temp” work following a successful business career with some apprehension as she felt her mature years were prohibiting her from finding suitable employment. However, the opposite proved to be the case. Jean worked for many years as an Intro “temp” in several departments of the NHS throughout the Borough, fitting in quickly and efficiently with new colleagues, technology and systems. She received glowing praise following each assignment due to her no-nonsense work ethic which was respected by all who met her. Reluctantly at the age of 73 due to internal policies within the NHS she transferred from Intro to direct employment.

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Wigan Business Expo

Intro 04/11/2016

The Intro Team were one of 150 companies who attended this year’s Wigan Business Expo held at Robin Park. Not having participated in previous years, we were unsure as to what to expect. However, the day was a huge success!  

All available space was occupied which achieved a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Interesting seminars, and lots of networking opportunities with other local businesses were available. A big “thank you” to all 67 companies who placed their business cards in our “Joining Jack” lucky dip bowl with Intro pledging to donate £1 for every business card in the bowl at the end of the day.

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Business is booming for one Wigan believer!

Intro 03/08/2016

Three years ago, this independent Wigan business in the support services sector had grown its annual turnover to £20 million. But then a major blockage began to slow their progress.  

The firm started to struggle to find and recruit sufficient skilled staff, both in Wigan and across the UK, to match their needs. This problem then had a worrying knock-on effect on its ability to provide comprehensive support to their customer base.

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Believers are Booming!

Intro 04/07/2016

Employment in Wigan is showing very strong growth. In fact, according to Wigan Council, the increase in employment in Wigan is more than 3 times higher than the national average increase.

Intro are great believers in Wigan, its people and its businesses. We believe we have contributed to the boom by finding over five thousand talented Wigan people and matching them with over one hundred Wigan companies in just the last 5 years.

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How to improve your work-life balance

Intro 01/07/2016

When you’re working hard, it can seem impossible to strike an effective balance between your professional and home life. Modern technology means we’re almost always contactable, which can make it very difficult to switch off from work. It is important to achieve a lifestyle where you are still working to your career objectives without putting your life on hold. In turn you will improve your physical and mental wellbeing, and boost your performance at work, by helping you relax and improve your morale.

With the lighter summer evenings, this is an ideal time to take this career advice on board and improve your work-life balance. These tips aim to help:

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The importance of having a business recruitment strategy

Intro 15/06/2016

When it comes to recruitment many organisations take a reactive approach to their staffing needs which, can lead to gaps in the workforce. Recruiting in a rush can lead to cutting corners and poor decision making, whereas planning ahead and developing a cogent and meticulous recruitment strategy can help a business stay organised and ensure staffing requirements are always met.

A recruitment strategy outlines the firm’s approach to finding and recruiting new staff members. Every recruitment strategy will be different depending on the individual needs of the business.

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Our exciting new website!

Intro 19/04/2016

Thanks for coming to our website.

It is completely new and has been designed and built with our visitors in mind. Whether you are a company or organisation with a vacancy to fill, or someone looking for your next position, we have made it simpler to find the information you’re seeking.

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New National Living Wage

Intro 18/04/2016

The new National Living Wage came into force on 1st April 2016, introducing a mandatory minimum rate of pay for workers aged 25 and over, of £7.20 per hour.

Employers, including recruiters, should be aware that this rate is compulsory. There has been some uncertainty caused by the fact that the new rate is referred to as the National Living Wage which should not be confused with the Living Wage.  The Living Wage is a voluntary rate of pay which is promoted by the Living Wage Foundation to reflect what has been assessed as the rate a worker needs to be paid to cover the basic cost of living.
To help make sure you are ready and have all the information, the REC has prepared a handy guide for recruiters.

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You've applied for a job through a recruitment agency. What happens next?

Intro 18/04/2016

When you apply for a job through a recruitment agency, you set in train a series of professional activities.

First of all, you should receive an immediate response, which could simply be an automated recognition that your contact has been received or a personal response with a little more information and, on occasion, inviting you in to meet.

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