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The importance of having a business recruitment strategy

Intro 15/06/2016

When it comes to recruitment many organisations take a reactive approach to their staffing needs which, can lead to gaps in the workforce. Recruiting in a rush can lead to cutting corners and poor decision making, whereas planning ahead and developing a cogent and meticulous recruitment strategy can help a business stay organised and ensure staffing requirements are always met.

A recruitment strategy outlines the firm’s approach to finding and recruiting new staff members. Every recruitment strategy will be different depending on the individual needs of the business.

A successful business recruitment strategy should include the following areas;

  • Long term business plans for expansion
  • A list of objectives, for example to improve your staff retention levels by  attracting employees who are going to stay long term
  • Any busy periods or seasonal fluctuations and what staffing requirements are likely to be during these times
  • How will new staff be targeted and what channels will be used
  • What will best present business to attract prospective employees
  • Establish staffing and training budgets
  • How the results will be measured

A recruitment strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated document, but once you have put it together, it is a good idea to review and tweak your recruitment strategy regularly to ensure it is up-to-date, and reflects the current needs of your organisation.

Employees are fundamental to the success of a business. It is imperative to plan and implement recruitment activity strategically.

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