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The Story of Intro Recruitment

Intro 26/01/2017

Intro Recruitment is an established player in the North West recruitment market - but it wasn’t always that way. Believe it or not, back in 1982, we had humble beginnings as a typing and secretarial bureau, as they were then known.

Now in our 35th year, Intro are still expanding - so we caught up with our founder Maureen Urquhart-Jones and Director Alan Astin to find out more about our story so far - as well as the direction the company is heading in.

The beginnings of Intro

Maureen originally founded Intro as a secretarial outsourcing service, but soon found that she was getting more work than she could handle on her own. A number of firms even wanted her to work for them on a more permanent basis. 

That’s how Intro became a supplier of secretarial workers for temp contracts - performing tasks like typing, faxing, and telexing. Eventually the business began to provide training for secretaries, filling contracts with freshly-qualified students - and also began to fill permanent placements. 

In fact, 35 years on, Intro Recruitment still has clients from those early days - which is testament to the strong relationships we build with all our customers.

A developing firm

Back in 1999, Intro Recruitment was starting to move properly into the permanent recruitment market - and it was at this point that Alan joined the business, having recently returned to the UK from South Africa. Alan brought with him expertise in permanent recruitment, and he helped to make this branch of the company the success it is today.

Within a couple of years, Alan had become a Branch Manager - and by 2006 he had taken up duties as General Manager of Intro. Eventually, in 2014, Alan was appointed as a Director - a position that underlines the important contribution he has made to the company through the years.

During Alan’s time at Intro, the company has diversified from its secretarial roots - branching out to become a leading supplier of Sales, Technical, Engineering and Multi-Lingual Professionals. 

By shifting its focus from supplying temporary staff to include permanent placements, Intro has helped to ensure that it can keep its clients happy no matter what size their operation is.

A different philosophy

Intro does everything it can to keep its clients happy - and generally that means expending our efforts on filling placements, rather than drumming up more business. We’ve found that this approach works well for us, and it tends to be the case that clients come to us rather than the other way round. 

We absolutely don’t do any cold calling - which is something that goes against everything we stand for. One thing we’ve learned from talking to our clients is that North West employers are fed up of being called by a different recruiter every five minutes. We’d rather spend eight hours a day working for our clients than fifty percent of our time trying to drum up new business.

Dedicated to your cause

The Intro philosophy is to ensure that every vacancy that lands on our desk is filled - and filled to a high standard. Across the recruitment industry, the standard seems to be to fill about one in three vacancies that come through the door - but at Intro we’re up at about nine out of ten. 

Recently we were given an assignment to find a European Sales Manager for a position in the automotive aftermarket industry. The job description stated that the candidate had to be experienced in automotive aftermarket sales, as well as being fluent in Russian. It certainly wasn’t the easiest vacancy we’ve filled, but fill it we did, and the client was pleased.

When looking for recruitment consultants to join our company, there’s one key quality that we ask of our candidates - and that’s tenacity. Our team will move mountains to ensure that our clients’ roles are filled on time and to the correct specification - and we require that all of our consultants are committed to this philosophy.

Looking to the future

In recent years we’ve seen the recruitment market changing drastically - with many new rules imposed, such as the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), which gave more rights to temp workers. Brexit looks like it could be a big storm cloud looming over the horizon, so it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the market at the moment.The lower end of the salary spectrum is set for a shakeup, as new minimum pay regulations mean that many companies are finding it difficult to afford employees for certain roles. Coupled with stagnant rates of pay higher up the scale, this means that there is likely to be a great deal of movement in coming years, with an overload of candidates at the bottom end of the market.There is always room for improvement, and Intro plans to focus especially on improving its candidate experience in 2017. We want to be there for our candidates right the way through their job hunting process - whether they are successful on their first attempt or not. We feel that great recruitment businesses are built on treating both clients and candidates well.With this in mind, we plan to use social media to help attract more of the right sort of candidates to our clients’ vacancies. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this, so it’s important to get the balance right, but with everyone being linked one way or another, we could probably find you a sand seller in the desert if you needed one!

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