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Intro 13/12/2017

With the Jolly bloke with his big white beard quickly approaching, we thought it a good time to discuss events over the past 18 months or so and to look ahead to another fantastic year in Recruitment… PS I am not being sarcastic!

 I for one, feared the worst on the 23 June 2016 after I had heard the news that we would be leaving the European Union. My major concern was the economy. After hearing several warnings of the second coming of the Recession ala 2008 and having worked and survived (I bare the baldness to prove it) during this time, I am truly grateful for the events that have proceeded in 2017 only hindered by a slight downturn in business during the general election.

2017 has been quite the opposite of my fears. I have never experienced as much business with fantastic and exciting job opportunities in my 20 years in recruitment as we have experienced in 2017. The country is abounding with the waving of the union jack and a whole host of exciting new job opportunities and there is no abating this as we move quickly towards the singing of God save the Queen on the 25th and old langsyne at midnight on the 1st.

Amongst other areas, Manufacturing has boomed. When I say manufacturing, I mean the skilled manufacturing roles that we at Intro Recruitment specialise in. Maintenance Engineers have been in high demand to support the boom in industry this year. Sales Recruitment has slowed down this year, this is normally a sign of a booming economy. Support roles such as Marketing, Customer Support and Multi-lingual Recruitment have been our jelly and ice cream along with of course the demand for skilled Engineers. The fall in the £ could have had an impact on the demand for British goods overseas. Our quality is second to none, respected throughout the world and buyers from afar afield as Australia have been flocking to purchase some of our client’s goods. The boom was only hindered around election time when Santa’s Elves downed tools in favour of the ballot paper, with everyone having their say on who should rule our great nation.

All is not a box of Roses however for Manufacturing organisations who are experiencing a demand for largely un-skilled Production Operatives support staff. The influx of people from Eastern Europe has dried up.

At Intro Recruitment, we do not deal with a great deal of lower end roles, there was usually a Pawel or an Agata always willing to work long hours and unsociable hours. As we approach 2018 Pawel and Agata appear to have remained at home putting extreme pressure on manufacturing organisations here in Blighty. Everyone in the country should be looking to get into employment in 2018, there is literally a job for everyone and if a Recruiter cannot help you then you should be looking to cover the demand for unskilled labour by applying directly to organisations. Those agencies largely dealing with unskilled workers will have their work cut out in 2018.

We at Intro Recruitment specialise in Commercial, Sales, Engineering and Industrial positions and as I mentioned earlier the demand for skilled people has never been greater. As we approach the midnight hour on the last day of 2017 we have never had as many interviews for permanent positions booked in and with hundreds more organisations demanding staff from Intro, our growth has followed that of our clients, leading to us moving into greater and larger new premises in the New Year. If you are out and about and just fancy a bit of career advice, why not pop in and join us to welcome in the New Year on Library Street. It will be business as usual from 9 until 530pm during the Christmas period with us closing only for Boxing Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Someone will be here to discuss our great opportunities with you. We can’t afford not to. The demand for quality 2018 Intro candidates is huge from our enormous client list, many of which have been with us long before the dreaded recession of 2008 was even feared. May we take this opportunity in wishing everyone a fantastic British Christmas as we head into 2018 full of hope and glory with an abundance of clients to satisfy and that’s not just our Christmas Turkey.

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