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Roles & Responsibilities

The Contracts Manager role is a management position and as such we expect each operative to be where they need to be on any given day to complete their duties. There is no specific requirement to come into the office except where duties require you to do so, or where an Ops meeting is scheduled.

We have 3 divisions in which we are hiring for: - 

  • Door Supervisors Division
  • Manned Guards 
  • Night Wardens 

The role will also be responsible for Managing the ‘Contracts Manager Support’ (CMS) team, and to check and sign off on their delivery. A full outline of the Ops Support role will be provided and should be read in conjunction with this manual.

Contracts Manager Duties

With the appointment of the ‘Contracts Manager Support’ the Contracts Manager will be able to shift their focus from basic admin functions to the more relevant and desired client and staff relationship building. However, a core duty for the CM will be the checking and sign off of their CMS’s normal duties.

The main functions of the CM role will be:

  • CMS checks, training & Development
  • Contract Management
  • Dealing with issues
  • Developing staff
  • Management of the CMS
  • Checking and signing off on all roster building
  • Training & assisting CMS upon request
  • Building relationships with Clients
  • Meetings
  • Location visits
  • Audit visits
  • Staff checks
  • Management Liaison
  • Information gathering
  • Incident / crisis management
  • Complaint management
  • Flagged venue status measurement & management
  • Opportunities
  • Staff appraisals
  • Staff training
  • Recruitment and App pack Completion

Early in the role out, it is envisaged that Monday & Tuesday will be field days with Wednesday & Friday being office days. However, this structure is totally dependent upon the departments needs and workload. Given that all have access to Webroster and that the CMS will be contactable by phone then there is an opportunity, further down the road, to spend less time in the office.

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